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The Surprising Effects & Benefits of C60 Oil

The Surprising Effects & Benefits of C60 Oil

Despite being a relatively new compound, C60 fullerene has been scientifically backed by a number of research studies, demonstrating an abundance of mental and physical health benefits. While the effects of C60 can vary between individuals, one particular study has shown a 90% increase in the lifespan of rats.1In this article, we will look at the functioning of C60, fullerene uses, and the benefits it delivers to users of this nootropic.

What is C60 fullerene?

C60, otherwise known as fullerene, buckminsterfullerene or buckyballs, is a potent antioxidant featuring 60 carbon atoms (hence, its C60 name). While it is not physically reactive with any other substance, it possesses the ability to remove superoxide, the by-product of cellular metabolism which causes tissue damage. Additionally, it is thought that via the absorption of acid and hydrogen atoms which are positively charged, C60 itself acquires a positive charge that attracts mitochondria, resulting in a decline in reactive oxygen species production.2

Research has also demonstrated that C60 is able to pass through lipid membranes, altering the functions of cells.3

The Health Benefits of C60

C60 delivers an abundance of mental and physical health benefits for users of this compound with both antioxidant & nootropic properties;

  • C60 protects against aging by preventing damage by free radicals. Free radicals are uncharged molecules with unpaired electrons. These free radicals search for other electrons as they like to be in pairs. This results in oxidative stress, otherwise known as damage to protein, cells and DNA. Free radical damage has been associated with aging, cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. We are constantly exposed to free radicals via alcohol, junk food, air pollutants, pesticides and tobacco. By consuming C60, its antioxidant functioning prevents free radical damage and has been shown to prevent age-related decline in rats.4
  • C60 has been shown to improve the lifespan of rats. Clinical studies have revealed that C60 prevents the death of nerve cells by dehydration or amyloid-beta, enabling mice to live 8 days longer in a 120-day lifespan.5Additionally, C60 in olive oil has been shown to increase the lifespan of rats by 90%.6
  • C60 can kill viruses. C60 has been shown to kill the mosquito virus when the correct photons work in collaboration with hydroxy C60.7
  • C60 prevents osteoarthritis and bone inflammation. Research has shown that water-soluble C60 can prevent bone damage related to stress, as well as preventing bone loss and bone inflammation in rabbits.8
  • C60 eliminates bacteria. C60 fullerene boosts white blood cells and eliminate bacteria to kill Streptococcus which causes toxic shock syndrome, skin infections and strep throat.9
  • C60 stops sunburn for younger-looking skin. In human skin models, C60 oil has been shown to prevent UV damage and stop sunburn.10
  • C60 prevents inflammation. Clinical research has revealed that C60 inhibits TNF alpha and IL-1 to prevent inflammation in mice. 11
  • C60 may fight cancer. In clinical trials, a 5mg/kg dose of C60 fullerene has been shown to lower tumor growth and metastasis in rats with cancer. Additionally, C60 improved lifespan by around 22 percent in comparison to rats who were not given C60. 12
  • C60 boosts sexual functioning. C60 may help reducing sexual dysfunction and infertility. Research in diabetic rats showed improvements in sexual functioning.13
  • C60 and weight loss. C60 in squalene (shark oil) may help to fight obesity by protecting fat cells from increasing and multiplying. 14

C60 Fullerene Uses

People consume C60 fullerene for a number of reasons. There are two main types of C60 you can use – C60 olive oil and C60 MCT oil.

What is C60 oil?

C60 and C60 oil are not completely the same. C60 oil contains C60 dissolved into an oil carrier. Oil is generally used as it’s impossible to suspend standard C60 in water – it simply suspends on the surface. C60 dissolves in olive oil to provide a mixture of natural substances that boasts the impressive health benefits mentioned above. 

There are several options in terms of oil carriers that can be used but Olive Oil has been the tried and tested option in most studies with high success rates. Alternatively, C60 can be dissolved in refined coconut oil (MCT oil). MCT is another term for medium-chain triglycerides, which essentially means that between 6 to 12 carbons are attached. Coconut oil is a natural substance, however, MCT oil requires extraction via a process called fractionation. Similar to C60 olive oil, C60 MCT oil presents several benefits for your mental and physical health and are both currently popular choices for C60 solutions.

In addition to the health benefits already covered, users of C60 consume this compound for other reasons;

  • Increased energy levels. Many users notice enhanced energy levels when consuming C60.
  • Better sleep. Users of C60 have reported enhanced sleep or less sleep required to maintain their daily energy levels.
  • Better skin. As C60 has been shown to protect against sunburn in human skin models, many users notice an improved complexion, softer and smoother skin, as well as more youthful looking skin.
  • Several studies have revealed longevity benefits of C60. One study found that the average lifespan of mice increased by between 5 to 14% even when consumption of C60 began halfway through the lifespan.15
  • Improved brain health. C60 has been found to improve learning and memory. One clinical study discovered that memory and learning improved in rats when taking C60.16
  • Enhanced sports performance. Many C60 users have experienced increased strength, demonstrating more reps in exercise performance.

While C60 fullerene is a fairly new compound, clinical trials have revealed a wealth of health benefits. Increased lifespan, the prevention of free radical damage, and the possibility of fighting disease makes C60 one of the most exciting developments in recent years.

Use C60 in oil or MCT for optimal benefits and safe usage.-
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Quality Concerns:

Supplementation of C60 Oils has rapidly gained popularity over the years due to the exceptional research and anecdotal experiences that have been popping up. However, one major issue raising concern amongst the sellers, is the quality of the actual C60 used in the manufacturing of the final product. 

Raw C60 is readily available for purchase on the net but the purity/manufacturing process and overall quality is to be of vital importance. 
- Several manufacturers have been found to use 
inferior quality C60, toxic solvents and other chemicals during the manufacturing process which can be extremely toxic and harmful when consumed. 

Which is why we have taken it upon ourselves to only use 99.95% Ultra Pure & SOLVENT FREE Carbon 60 in our products.


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